Year Round: Preserving the wilderness...

Outdoor Wilderness Living Experience (OWLE)
Ancestral Skills Program (ASP)
Preschool Program- "Through the Eyes of a Naturalist"

Summers Camps: For generations to come...

Summer in the Woods
Little Chipmunks
Self-Sufficiency Day Camp for Kids
Forest Summer Camp
Primitive Skills

Workshops: Through education today

Bow Making Workshop
Knife Making Workshop
Traditional Arrow Making Workshop
3-Day Survival Program
Rites of Passage
Basket Making Workshop
Individual Survival Courses for Men and Women

News From the Woods

*NEW SUMMER CAMP FOR 3-5 YEAR OLDS! (Currently 40% Full)
Enrollment opens to the public April 16
-Quiet Heart and Bothell Family Cooperative Preschool proudly announce the first summer of the Mud Puppies Summer Day Camp to be held at 17836 92nd Ave NE, Bothell. *Note that BFCP families will receive priority enrollment for this camp
-Led by our outstanding instructor and herbalist Rachael Witt, children will have a day playing and learning outside in an environment where they feel comfortable and safe.
-We will be outside, rain or shine and we will be getting dirty and possibly muddy.
-Three year olds must have turned three prior to September 1st, 2017 and be potty-trained
Camp schedule options:
2 Day Camp Dates:  - June 5th & 7th or June 12th & 14th                                 Tuition: $85
3 Day Camp Dates – June 4th, 6th & 8th or June 11th, 13th & 15th       Tuition: $115
5 Day Camp Dates – June 4th thru 8th or June 11th thru 15th            Tuition: $175
10% Sibling Discount is available
Camp hours are 9:30 am to 1:00 pm.
To register go to or for more information contact our office at QuietHeartExpress@comcast,net

2018 dates are below; more info about each camp can be found on the COURSES page
*last updated on 4/12/18

MudPuppies at Bothell Cooperative Preschool (ages 3-5) NEW - 40% filled, priority given to BFCP members; enrollment opens to the public on April 16
2 Day Camp Dates:  - June 5th & 7th or June 12th & 14th                                
3 Day Camp Dates – June 4th, 6th & 8th or June 11th, 13th & 15th
5 Day Camp Dates – June 4th thru 8th or June 11th thru 14th
Fairies, Forts & Magical Stones at Yost Park
Summer in the Woods at Yost Park
Session 1 = July 2-13 SPACE AVAILABLE
Session 2 = July 16-27 FULL
Session 3 = July 30-Aug 10 2 SPACES AVAILABLE
Session 4 = August 13-24 4 SPACES AVAILABLE
Forest Camp at Yost Park
Session 1 = July 2-6 SPACE AVAILABLE
Session 2 = July 9-13 4 SPACES AVAILABLE
Session 3 = July 16-20 50% FULL
Session 4 = July 23-27 4 SPACES AVAILABLE
Session 1 = July 9,11,13
Session 2 = July 16, 18, 20
Session 3 = July 23,25,27
Session 4 = July 30, Aug 1, 3 2 SPACES AVAILABLE
Primitive Skills in Edmonds
Session 1 = July 30-Aug 3 FULL
Session 2 = August 6-10 FULL
Session 3 = August 13-17 FULL
Ninja Foxes at Yost Park
August 27-31 50% FULL

The time is now!  With great happiness and excitement, I am announcing that the mission and dreams of Quiet Heart will continue past my retirement.  Although I hope to always be considered the Grandfatherly Elder, as of September 1st 2018 the reins of Quiet Heart will be turned over to Chrissy Roberts.  Susan and I are thrilled to have found such a wonderful and enthusiastic individual to take over the program.  Chrissy has large, wonderful dreams for Quiet Heart but plans to continue operations as they are for at least the first year, as she grows into the new position.
To learn more about the new director /owner of Quiet Heart, go to "About us" on our website to view Chrissy's bio.
As I go into my final months leading Quiet Heart, I want to thank you all, with all of my heart for your help, support and friendship.
Always Walk Softly,

*Spring OWLE and Ancestral Skills are underway, but you can still join in the fun!

*Spring PATHFINDERS is underway join for the rest of the season or by the day

*New WORKSHOPS are scheduled! Find one that excites you and sign up - see the list here, under the Workshops tab:
Workshop opportunities include: Flintknapping, Bystander Training, Wild Plant Medicinals, Sparking a Fire, Plant Identification, Orienteering, Wilderness Navigation, making an antler handle knife, making a hickory longbow, Intro to backpacking series

A Little History

Welcome to Quiet Heart Wilderness School. Established in 1997, Quiet Heart is a wilderness education program designed to enhance students understanding of the natural world, and instill in them a sense of stewardship toward their planet and its creatures. Through exploration of nature, as well as the sharing of knowledge and lore of the Ancestors, Quiet Heart students gain a sense of comfort and respect for the natural world of which they are a part. Led by experienced instructors, students will find courses and programs on topics such as primitive and survival skills, edible and medicinal plants, animal tracking, wilderness navigation, awareness skills, team building and problem solving. Quiet Heart’s various programs range from Through the eyes of a Naturalist our preschool program, OWLE for 8 to 15 year olds, and many other family programs and courses. Quiet Heart is all about learning by doing and having fun.

Quiet Heart has been serving families of South Snohomish and North King Counties from Seattle and Shoreline to Woodinville and Redmond  for over 20 years!

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