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Chrissy Roberts

~Respect for our World, through the Quiet of the Woods~   Owner/Director Chrissy Roberts grew up with a love of travel and exploring the natural world. During college at Duke University, she participated in, and then became part of the leadership team for Project WILD, where she led hiking/climbing trips in the North Carolina mountains and facilitated team building activities. She also spent a semester at the School for Field Studies on Vancouver Island, which cemented her love for the Pacific Northwest. After graduating with a degree in Environmental Science and Policy, she worked as an environmental consultant for two years before coming to the realization that a desk job would never be for her. She traveled to Hawai`i, where she obtained her Masters of Education in Teaching, while also leading elementary programs at the Hawai`i Nature Center. In her studies, she focused on place-based education, centering children’s learning in their own communities and environment. After graduation, she began a career as a classroom teacher, teaching children from preschool through sixth grade. She also moved around a lot, living in Florida, Oregon, Washington, Norway, and London. Her time in Norway showed her a culture that places priority on being outside and finding one’s center in nature (and also that there is “ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlig klær”, no bad weather, only bad clothing). Her current mission is to provide positive growth experiences in nature for as many children as she can. She is humbled and excited to go on this journey with Quiet Heart.

Eric “Little Bear” Kitching

Eric ‘Little Bear” grew up outside of a small logging town southeast of Eugene Oregon, where he spent much of his life exploring nature, camping, fishing, and hunting with his family.  He now resides in the foothills of Duvall Washington.  Eric has spent time training in backcountry methods, winter survival skills and search and rescue. Little Bear is a current student of The Tracker School, a graduate of the Wilderness Awareness Residential Program and has participated in several Art of Mentoring week long programs. Little Bear’s experience has ranged from tracking wolves, studying cougars and attending bird language intensives. He has led a course called "Communing with Nature and the Sacred Feminine" for women and "Communing with Nature and the Sacred Masculine” for men. Little Bear is a Reiki level 2 practitioner and student/practitioner of Niasziih through Wilderness Fusion. Little Bear instructs self-defense and awareness classes, especially for women and children. He runs specialized nature connection and awareness workshops in his community. Little Bear is gifted in facilitating the discovery of personal inner power, self-guidance and the connection with universal energy. As a mentor, Little Bear brings great passion for living intimately with the natural world and shares that passion with others. Little Bear has been with Quiet Heart Wilderness since 2008.

Rachael Witt

Rachael runs with elk, flies with birds, plays with plants and laughs with the sun. After completing her B.S. in ecology and evolution underneath the redwoods at UC Santa Cruz, she followed her nomadic tendencies traveling the world to study various ecosystems and their cultures. Her journeys have led her to the overwhelming desire to connect people with nature and, more specifically, plants. She has completed an herbal apprentice with EagleSong E. Gardner as well as a wild plant intensive with Lindsay Huettman and currently wildcrafts for a local herbal business, Julia's Good Medicine. Rachael has learned to tend generational gardens by being a student as well as a teacher. Her love for teaching outdoor education has encouraged her to incorporate primitive skills into her everyday being while honoring the land and ancestors that mentor us. If she is not playing in the woods, Rachael is commonly found fermenting, wildcrafting, gardening, basket weaving, tracking, tanning hides and cultivating relationships with people, plants and animals. More about Rachael's teachings and classes can be found at her website, Wildness Within.

Jeremy Cobb

Jeremy grew up playing, hunting, and fishing in the woods around his parents' farm in Northeast Ohio. He continued his passion for wilderness skills throughout his travels as a professional chef in Kentucky, Arizona, and California. After almost twenty years as a chef, Jeremy moved to Washington to study at Alderleaf Wilderness College. During that time he received certifications in Wilderness Education and Ecology, Instructor Apprenticeship, Permaculture Design, the McConnell Trailing Apprenticeship, and Flaked Stone Tool Technologies at A.I.N.W. He is currently knapping, practicing skills, teaching, and pursuing a BAS/MA in Archaeological Science.

Jack Batteiger

Jack Batteiger was born and raised in Washington state, and has lived in Issaquah for most of his life. At the age of 5, he started attending summer camps at Wilderness Awarness School, which inspired him to continue his wilderness education after high school. Jack graduated from the advanced skills program from Alderleaf Wilderness College in June 2017, focusing on tracking and stone tool technologies. He attained his Trailing III certificate from CyberTracker and Wilderness First Responder certificate, as well as a Permaculture design certificate. He is now using his tracking experience as the Tracking Coordinator for Bear Smart Wa., a Black Bear conservation project. He coordinates tracking surveys for large predators in Western Washington. Jack has an immense passion for making tools from the natural world, learning how the native cultures survived and thrived in the PNW, and spreading that knowledge to others.

Elisha “Chickadee” Klco

Elisha grew up in Washington State and began playing in the woods as soon as she could walk. She started her outdoor education young, doing a preschool program through Wilderness Awareness school. Her love for the outdoors brought her to Quiet Heart as a student when she was 11, and she has stuck with it ever since, going from being a student, to a counselor, then an instructor. Elisha loves native plants and their medical uses, climbing trees, natural camouflage and concealment. She is studying biology and neuroscience at Western Washington University with the intention of pursuing a career in the medical field. Elisha has a contagious love for the outdoors and enjoys sharing her passion with the world.

Jenna “Pika” Mallon

Jenna fell in love with the forests and mountains of Washington State after moving here from Arizona, and decided to pursue a deeper connection with nature through the Alderleaf Wilderness College. After completing their Wilderness Certification Program, she fulfilled her long-term goal of owning and running an organic vegetable farm and wild foraging business. However, she has always felt most in her element while exploring the woods with others and sharing in a collaborative learning experience. She completed her AA and Wilderness First Responder Certification, and now works leading wilderness engagement trips for teens with developmental disabilities. She is thrilled to be working with Quiet Heart to connect even more kids with nature through her love of botany, mycology, primitive cooking, survival, and natural history. When she is not in the woods, she is probably singing and playing music!

Matt Hale

Matt grew up in Gold Bar, WA, running around deep in the backcountry of the Cascades for most of his life. He has always been passionate about naturalist skills, especially botany and mycology. In 2015 he completed Alderleaf Wilderness College’s Wilderness Certification Program. He then started an organic vegetable farm and wild foraging business, selling to local chefs and at farmer’s markets for the next several years. Through his business, he cultivated gourmet edible and medicinal mushrooms in addition to foraging for wild fungi, plants, and berries. Now, he leads classes on wilderness survival, mycology, natural history, and scout skills. Drawing on his past experiences working in the activities departments of nursing homes and with teens with developmental disabilities, he loves connecting people from all walks of life with the great outdoors.

Libby Fisher

Libby was raised in Snohomish, WA surrounded by a greenbelt. She grew up splashing in creeks, climbing trees, and running through the woods looking for magical creatures. Nature has continued to be a big part of her life growing up. Libby has been a student of Quiet Heart Wilderness School since the age of six, graduated to a summer counselor, and was thrilled to become an instructor. She values teaching and learning further about the natural world with kids and loves anything having to do with nature. In her spare time, Libby enjoys hiking, climbing big rocks, and practicing various primitive skills. She is excited to share her knowledge of natural camouflage, plant identification, fire making, and many other primitive skills to the new generations.

Martine Twito

Martine grew up on the east coast and enjoyed getting outside with her family sailing, hiking and cross-country skiing. She earned a BA in History and an MA in Education and taught high school history and led backpacking trips for teenagers for a number of years. Martine traveled to Namibia to teach primary school English. Martine’s summers were spent working at a residential girls camp in Maine where experiential learning in nature was the focus and she spent her days sharing her joy of learning and playing in the outdoors. When Martine arrived in Seattle for a new teaching job, she looked at the mountains and decided she was in the right place. Since then, Martine has been teaching, hiking, camping, cooking and parenting in her new northwest home. She now supports the Quiet Heart office and enjoys hearing tales from the field.

Allan “Hawkeye” Sande

Founder  Allan "Hawkeye" Sande, a Washington State native, spent his childhood exploring the wooded hills of Mason County and walking the shores of Hood Canal where an abundance of Native artifacts were there to be found. This early interest in nature and the Native Americans has grown from a life love to a teaching passion. Upon moving to the Seattle area, Allan saw the need for children to have the opportunity to explore and understand the wilderness that still remains in their own part of the world. In 1997 Quiet Heart was created. Since that time, Quiet Heart has grown into an educational program for all ages. Allan has a degree in business and a background in both Montessori and Early Childhood Education. Hawkeye has many years of experience in backpacking, mountaineering including two ascents of Mt. Rainier and a first ascent in the Olympic Mountain range.  He served two years as a  member of the Olympic Mountain Rescue team.The education offered at Quiet Heart Wilderness School will enable students, young and old, to gain in their understanding of the natural world, and instill in them a sense of stewardship toward their planet and its creatures. At Quiet Heart eyes will be opened, minds and bodies will be strengthened and hearts will grow.  Hawkeye retired in the Fall of 2018, but remains an elder and mentor for our Quiet Heart community.