~Respect for our World, through the Quiet of the Woods~


Owner/Director Chrissy Roberts grew up with a love of travel and exploring the natural world. During college at Duke University, she participated in, and then became part of the leadership team for Project WILD, where she led hiking/climbing trips in the North Carolina mountains and facilitated team building activities. She also spent a semester at the School for Field Studies on Vancouver Island, which cemented her love for the Pacific Northwest. After graduating with a degree in Environmental Science and Policy, she worked as an environmental consultant for two years before coming to the realization that a desk job would never be for her. She traveled to Hawai`i, where she obtained her Masters of Education in Teaching, while also leading elementary programs at the Hawai`i Nature Center. In her studies, she focused on place-based education, centering children’s learning in their own communities and environment. After graduation, she began a career as a classroom teacher, teaching children from preschool through sixth grade. She also moved around a lot, living in Florida, Oregon, Washington, Norway, and London. Her time in Norway showed her a culture that places priority on being outside and finding one’s center in nature (and also that there is “ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlig klær”, no bad weather, only bad clothing). Her current mission is to provide positive growth experiences in nature for as many children as she can. She is humbled and excited to go on this journey with Quiet Heart.