Brian K Harris comes to us from Fair Haven New Jersey. Brian has an Associates in Art degree from Brookdale Community College as well as a Marine Science Audit from Brookdale Community College Ocean Institute in New Jersey. Most recently Brian has been a pre-college coordinator at the New Jersey Marine Sciences Consortium in Fort Hancock, New Jersey. Brian has been lead staffer for supervisory duties related to pre K-12 grade field programs serving over 16,000 students per year. He has conducted hands-on field programs for school groups (Pre K – College) in ocean shoreline and estuary environments. Brian’s skills include an understanding and utilization of "primitive" technologies. He has been a student of the Earth Mentor Program at the Wilderness Awareness School Duvall Washington. It is Brian’s objective to bring the passion he has for discovery and learning to children of all ages in a fun and interactive way; and in doing so fostering positive connections between people and our surroundings.

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