Nichole was born and raised in Michigan where she enjoyed the summers, but eventually craved more mild and sunny winters 🙂  After graduating with a degree in Elementary Education, with a focus on early childhood, Nichole moved to Austin, TX where she taught for 6 years.  From non-profit preschools to Waldorf inspired to the Austin Science and Nature Center, she developed nature connection curriculum wherever she went.  Maybe that included taking her class on a short hike to a creek nearby and building forts, or solving a mystery by looking up feathers from the playground in a field guide, or playing sneaking and hiding games before nap time.  Nichole eventually made her way to Earth Native Wilderness School where she worked for 2 years teaching survival skills and mentoring children ages 3-16.  She created all the preschool and kindergarten programs there, including week-long summer camps and a year-long homeschool program.  During her time at the school, she participated in every adult class she could, including the tracking intensive, basket making, bird language, and more.  This year she is attending the Wilderness Awareness School to be a student in the Anake program!  Nichole is excited to deepen her connection with the earth and primitive skills, knowing that this can only make her a more knowledgable and connected mentor for her students!